Friday, May 14, 2010

Comment on sohil blog

“Every issue has its two aspects: positive and negative”. On a blog called, “Will Texas States Follow Arizona’s lead on Immigration?” Sohil wrote about immigration is something that need to accept it. MY colleague saying, “It would also require police officers to question a person about his or her immigration status if there is "reasonable suspicion" that person may be illegally in the country” is true. The illegal immigration problem is one of the most challenging issues in US. He also said that illegal immigrants are hurting US citizens in many ways. They are enjoying more facilities than a citizen does. We can see in our real life that lots of illegal immigrants with food stamp facilities, Medicare facilities, and many more without paying any tax. The federal government should have done all these before the problems are seen but still they are not showing attention. I disagree with my other colleague Tina that building the wall can work out but, I think it will be worthless to do so. How many places can government build the wall? Who are the one who build wall? Besides that, government should think that does it go a work if we build the wall. Illegal immigrants don’t even have the driving license and if they get a wreck the other people have to suffer. The federal government is not showing interest in the problem that’s why the state has stepped up to find out the solution as, Sohil said.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Electronics Texts might not benefit students, Education

“Unnecessary expenses create dawdling development”. Miller’s view in this article “Electronic texts might not benefits students education” is true and practical. State’s public schools are planning to replace printed textbooks with electronic ones. Although some states leaders prefer moving in this direction, “miller”, the Texas state board of education member for district 12, in Dallas urge that, it not be a top-down approach or a cost-shifting strategy for the state. He says education should lead any such transition, not the state. “Technology creates problems”, when they change printed text books with electronic ones there gone a be lots of problems for setting up the devices, training teachers, total cost of buying the devices, making sure they work for blind students, maintaining, insuring and protecting them from damage and providing uninterrupted internet connectivity with internet filters. These are all new costs that must be addressed at a time when school districts are facing financial crises and laying off teachers. There should be proper agreement among state, district and schools. For the long term it might have more advantages but looking at present economic condition, it sounds incompatible.

Because of this new legislation, child might not have material to bring home. The equipment is simply the means to access the content, and we must always remember that it is the content on the devices that is most crucial to the students. Printed books are possible to carry anywhere and can have a short look even if we are at work but the electronic devices are impossible to do. Miller says, “The state Board of Education certifies the accuracy and alignment of this content to the curriculum. I think this idea will best to ensure the students a quality education. The thing student expect from school is education. This idea will be worthy if the states public schools have sufficient funds, but if they dont have enough funds to complete the programe then it will be big threaten to the management group. In other side, students will not be benefited by this program as they used to be with printed text books.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Comment on "keeping a closer eye on crime in downtown Austin"

Among my colleague’s blogs, lonestar Govt. views on “keeping a closer eye on crime in downtown Austin” is interesting and genuine topic. Her opinion about installing the security cameras in highly crime area in downtown Austin provides facts, information and proof. It’s true that security cameras will be more helpful for Austin police department to take action against criminals. Her ideas shows that Security comes before privacy so, it does not matter how often people gone a loose their privacy. Example she gave about private owners who installs security camera for their safety and own civil law suits makes clearer about an issue. She conclude her ideas giving an information about the debates that is going on in Austin police department about...whether to install a security camera in highly crime area around Austin downtown.
Providing public safety and security is the main job of police department so I think its good idea to install security cameras in highly crime area. We can see most of the private owner install security cameras for their safety and security. People get scare to create crime in that area where there are security cameras. That’s why ‘safety’ is more important than ‘privacy’.
I have the same opinion as she got about installing security cameras in highly crime area around Austin downtown. She says “public safety should be their (police department) number one concern, that’s the entire reason they was founded was to protect and serve” so, police department have full right to take any action for public security. I think my colleague did an excellent job with this article post. She got all the precise and appealing across and I agree all the way with my colleague.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Real danger on southern border

Borders problem is not a simple issue unless there is strict border security. This article “real danger in southern border” tries to show the problems that are seen in the border of US and Mexico. Every year lots of American students go Mexico on the vacation willing to have fun but, they are treated badly over there. As Mexico increasingly becoming violence- ravaged nation, US government is urging public not to go Mexico for their vacation. The editor says that there are 30 nations in the world which are regarded as travel warning nation; sadly Mexico is counted among them.
When three people associated with US consulate in Juarez were killed, US government was very upset with Mexico. These kinds of violence against US interest are regarded as an act of war. Besides that, every day lots of illegal Mexican who enters US, supplies drugs, cocoon and other illegal drugs. Mexican government is not showing interest to stop these kinds of illegal activities, instead they encourage them because them good money from these kinds of activities. Attract have become common place at Mexico because more than 2600 people slaying in Juarez in 2009, 16000 car theft, and 19000 carjacking. Criminals have given hard time to all the US citizens travelling in their vehicles in border areas. I think it will be the good idea if US government apply strong border patriots in the border area and urge student to void the spring break trip to the Mexico border cities until Mexican government provide peace and security to travelers.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Austin running full speed ahead to embrace Texas relays”

This article“Austin running full speed ahead to embrace Texas relays” published in Austin American statesman tries to show the economic, social and cultural impact that can be seen in Austin after Texas Relays. I like this article because editor of this article is trying to make public clear about greater economic benefits from the Texas Relays while removing a racial taint from its reputation. Editor notifies that public wants their city to have a positive welcoming image and constructive activities for young. Editor view about Texas Relays is affirmative but he shows some warn to the business. He says, a business point of view, will be losing money than they make because they need to hire all kinds of extra security and stores are not benefiting from increased revenues. Editor is trying to shows the racism that Texans used to show in past two years to African American. All the business used to get close in this day because of racism. Editor say there is no more racism in recent year because people took out all of their conservative and superstitious thinking on black tourist. This article is trying to teach public about the cultural activities that goes on Texas Relay.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Water flowing down street is a traffic hazard, homeowner says

When the driver of Chevy suburban lost control on a patch of ice and crashed on mailbox of Harris on intersection of woodland Avenue and Royal crest drive in South Austin, Harris complains about an accident on "Austin American statesman" blaming city of Austin and Austin water department as cause. It is the responsibility of City of Austin and water department to figure out the cause for seeping out the water from underground. There is a saying “precaution is better than cure”, city of Austin should have been careful before an accident happened. Clear water is still running out from the valve cover and city of Austin showed out there for five times but they are not curious about the problem. Department spokesman Jill Mayfield said, “That is not water leaked from underground but it is rain water”. “There is no short solution to stop the water” said Lightsey, spokesman of watershed department.
“Every problem has its solution” so, there is no way to delay on the problem. In my opinion, cause of an accident is lack of show out by the city. If city shows this laziness then there are high chances of having big accident because the driver coming from the corner to turn on woodland cannot get the traction. City and watershed department should be responsible for any kind of accident occur there. Writer of this article “Ricardo Gandara” has clearly mentioned about this issue. “If there will not be control on the flow of water, then on couple days there will be traffic hazards” says Gandara. Gandara has clearly described about cause and effect giving threatens to the government. I am in favor of Gandara because he is adding public voice to the article describing about the accident, its causes and future affects. I think it would be better if city of Austin take this issue seriously and find some clue to be safe from future affect.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Plane hits Northwest Austin office building

I select an article from Austin American Statesman about Plane Crash into IRS building. This plane crash happened on Feb.18 2010. A software enginer furious with the internal revenue servicecreated a suicide attack on the IRS office building by crashing his small plane. The plane crash he made looks inhumane in nature. It is bad to make other people in trouble for their personal matter. He recounted his financial reverses, his difficulty finding work in Austin. And at least two clashes with the IRS. One of them after he filed no return because, he said he had no income, the other he failed to report his wife shery's income. He railed against politicians, the catholic church, and the government. Stack character seems stupiod. People should never come in emotion and give hard time to other.